Feb 7, 2022

Companion Benefit Alternatives and Owl Partner To Build Foundation for Value-Based Care in Behavioral Health


New Program Enables Providers To Increase Patient Engagement and Improve Clinical Outcomes

Owl, a digital behavioral health technology company, today announced its partnership with Companion Benefit Alternatives (CBA), a South Carolina-based behavioral health payer, to support CBA’s data-driven strategy to value-based care in behavioral health. CBA is using the Owl measurement-based care platform to capture the value and quality delivered by its network of behavioral health care providers in improving patient outcomes. Through this partnership, CBA has granted access to Owl’s platform for their network providers to guide care and assess patient progress and outcomes. 

A core component of the partnership is Owl’s Patient Reported Outcomes for a Value-Enhanced Network (PROVEN) patient registry. This clinical registry of behavioral health outcomes data, which has had all identifying information removed, will allow CBA and other industry partners to learn from and understand best practices and benchmarks from real-world data, including symptoms, treatment approaches and outcomes. 

As the behavioral health industry shifts toward value-based care, payers and providers are focusing more on quality of services as opposed to quantity. Unlike the traditional fee-for-service model, clinicians will be compensated for improved patient outcomes rather than the number of services carried out. The key to measuring and understanding outcomes is measurement-based care, and Owl makes that easy for patients, providers and payers. 

“We chose to partner with Owl to give us greater insights into our members’ care journeys and outcomes, which enables us to provide better network access and more valuable behavioral health care benefits,” said April Richardson, M.D., medical director of CBA. “Ultimately, our evolution to value-based care will align us more closely with our network providers to the mutual benefit of our members.”

“Owl provides an easy-to-use measurement-based care platform that gives our clinicians the ability to deliver better treatment and outcomes for our patients,” said Kelly Kennedy, founder and owner of Modern Wellness Family Counseling. “Additionally, our participation in the PROVEN registry creates new incentives to deliver optimal care while providing us better insights on our patient panels. We are excited about the future of value-based reimbursements.”

“CBA understands the importance of quality outcomes data as a vital component to delivering value-based care” said Eric Meier, CEO of Owl. “We are proud to partner with both CBA and its provider network in delivering high-value, quality behavioral health services to the people of South Carolina.”

To learn more about Owl and the PROVEN registry, please contact us.

About Owl

Owl gives behavioral health organizations better data, better insights and better outcomes with its data-driven, evidence-based solutions. Leading organizations, including Main Line Health, Amita Health, Inova Health, Polara Health and Aurora Mental Health Center, rely on Owl to expand access to care, improve clinical outcomes and prepare for value-based care. Owl makes measurement-based care easy to engage patients, optimize treatment, improve care, reduce clinician burden and capture data to optimize business performance. For more information on our transformational behavioral health solutions, visit www.owl.health.

About Companion Benefit Alternatives

Companion Benefit Alternatives, Inc. is dedicated to helping people maximize the value of their behavioral health benefits, thus promoting optimal behavioral health care outcomes in a cost-efficient manner. CBA is committed to improving the quality of our communications with individuals, families and clinicians, while respecting the individual’s privacy and maintaining confidentiality.

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