Frequently Asked Questions

What is measurement-based care?

Measurement-based care (MBC) is the practice of using standardized measurements to assess behavioral health patients to inform treatment decisions. MBC improves patient outcomes, enhances clinical decision-making and quality of care, enriches communication between patient and provider, and demonstrates the value of treatment. Read more.

What is a measurement-based care platform?

Owl’s behavioral health measurement-based care platform helps you screen patients, track their progress, and provide guidance for evidence-based treatment. You can use patient-reported outcomes to improve clinical decision-making, engage patients, and expand access with more effective and efficient care. 

Our measurement-based care platform also helps your patients get better faster. In fact, patients who consistently use Owl experience 56% shorter time to remission and 90% patient engagement rates. Consistent Owl use results in dramatic reductions in inpatient admissions, ER visits, and total cost of care. Read more about our measurement-based care data impact study.

How is Owl different from what my EHR offers?

Owl was designed by clinicians for clinicians to completely automate measurement-based care–making it easy for them and their organizations to answer, “Is my treatment effective?”

EHRs are designed to digitally document patient records. While patient-reported outcomes may be documented in EHRs, they weren’t built to measure or assess patient outcomes. 

With Owl, you’ll have everything you need to screen patients, track their progress, and provide guidance for evidence-based treatment. You’ll have access to over 300 measures, visual representation of scoring for each patient throughout the length of treatment, and a completely automated process to engage in measurement-based care. Last but not least, you can integrate Owl with your EHR to reduce administrative burden and streamline workflows.

Does Owl integrate with my EHR?

Yes. Owl has a b-directional sync with virtually every EHR on the market using HL7 or API integration. 

How many assessments does Owl offer?

Owl has a library of 300+ clinically validated measures across all mental health and SUD conditions plus pre-defined measure bundles.

What reporting capabilities do I have with Owl?

Owl Analytics offers actionable data insights, reports, and dashboards. Get quick and easy reporting on key clinical metrics, including: 

  • Longitudinal outcomes analytics by measure and service line
  • Admit vs. discharge comparison scores
  • Duration of treatment to remission
  • Length of treatment by patient demographics
  • Patient and clinician engagement

Learn more.

How much does Owl cost?

Owl is a subscription-based platform. Pricing is based on the number of clinical users, service lines, and locations. We’re happy to provide you with a ballpark estimate during your demo.

What type of care settings use Owl? 

Owl’s customers serve a variety of clients in a variety of settings. Community behavioral health centers, hospitals and health systems, and health plans rely on Owl to screen patients, track their progress, and provide guidance for evidence-based treatment. Our customers serve clients across different behavioral health delivery services including inpatient, outpatient, residential, and more.

How do health plans use Owl in their network?

Health plans use Owl to improve behavioral health outcomes for their members while reducing the total cost of care. Plans have real-world data on treatment outcomes and associated costs–allowing them to build value-based and alternative payment models that incentivize and attract providers to deliver high-quality, cost-effective care to their members. One health plan achieved a 28% PMPM decrease for members who consistently use Owl.

How do patients complete measures?

Patients complete assessments on any web-enabled device at their convenience on Owl’s browser-based solution. If patients don’t have access to personal devices, they can complete measures in session with their clinician. No apps to download and no portals to navigate–leading our clients to experience 90% patient engagement rates.  

Where do clinicians see the results and how are they displayed?

Clinicians see real-time outcomes in a portal designed to allow clinicians to quickly understand which patients are improving, worsening, or not responding to treatment. 

Can I see aggregated data across my populations and programs?

Yes! Owl provides organization-wide analytics for administrators to understand the effectiveness of clinicians, programs, and service lines to optimize care for each patient. 

Current Owl customers are increasing capacity up to 30% with existing resources with data insights to help understand patients who have reached remission and recovery and are now potential candidates for stepped-down care or discharge.

What kind of customer support can I expect?

Owl’s customer support team is here to help with all your questions. Have a technical question? Need clinical support? No problem. Call us at 800.910.6769 or contact us on our website.