Barnabas Behavioral Healthcare earns 16% rate increase across behavioral health CPT codes from leading payer by using Owl

Barnabas Behavioral Healthcare provides high-quality mental and behavioral health services in Columbia, South Carolina, specializing in the strategic integration of behavioral and medical care.

With Owl, Barnabas uses measurement-based care to provide more efficient and effective services. After approaching a leading payer with compelling outcomes data, Barnabas received a 16% average rate enhancement across 20 CPT codes.

The Problem

Barnabas Behavioral Healthcare has historically lacked clinically-validated evidence to demonstrate the excellence of their clinical care–leading to limitations in negotiating more favorable contracts with payer partners.

During a contract negotiation, Barnabas Behavioral Healthcare was eager to prove their organization was providing efficient and effective care and, therefore, was deserving of a rate enhancement.

The Solution

Owl gives Barnabas Behavioral Healthcare a way to implement measurement-based care into their practice to provide better, more cost-effective care.

For the past year, Barnabas has used Owl across their patient population. Using Owl helped Barnabas have tangible evidence of delivering high-quality care–invaluable when engaging in fee-schedule negotiations.

“When patients utilize our services, I’m convinced it results in decreased expenses for our payers as a whole. Now we can provide evidence of the efficacy of our care and feel confident we’re keeping our patients out of the emergency room and decreasing inpatient admissions,” said Peter Zaepfel, president at Barnabas Behavioral Health. “Moreover, we enhance accessibility by gaining a clearer grasp of when patients can transition to a maintenance mode or even be appropriately discharged.”

The Results

Barnabas has clinical outcomes data to negotiate more favorable rates with their payers

Barnabas can share data with their payers that proves extremely efficient and effective care for their patients to prove they deserve more favorable reimbursement rates, resulting in an average 16% rate enhancement across 20 CPT codes.

Costs are decreasing

Patients at Barnabas are experiencing better mental health outcomes and, in turn, are likely experiencing better physical outcomes as well.

By using measurement-based care with Owl across the organization, Barnabas Behavioral Health has seen a 30% faster time to remission.

Clinicians & patients are highly engaged

Barnabas can share data with their payers that proves extremely efficient and effective care for theUsing Owl, Barnabas is able to capture systematic patient feedback on their symptoms before each clinical encounter to inform treatment. Their average measure completion rate is 99%--nearly every patient is engaged in completing the measures assigned to them.

Clinical outcomes data provides both patients and clinicians with the assurance and confidence that their treatment plans are grounded in effectiveness and supported by tangible results.

Barnabas is expanding access with existing clinical resources

Clinical outcomes data plays a crucial role in guiding treatment decisions for both patients and healthcare providers, particularly in determining the optimal time to step down a treatment level.

By utilizing evidence-based care, it was revealed that 30% of patients were suitable candidates for a lower treatment level, consequently freeing up scheduling slots to accommodate more acute cases.

About Owl

Owl systematically measures patient progress, giving behavioral health organizations consistent data and insights to deliver care that improves outcomes and significantly reduces costs.

It’s measurement-based care–made easy.

Leading organizations, including Ascension, Aurora Mental Health & Recovery, and Recovery Centers of America, rely on Owl to expand access to care, improve clinical outcomes, and prepare for value-based care.

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