Measurement-based care made easy.

Finally, you can confidently answer, “Is our treatment effective?”

Owl offers a measurement-based care platform to screen patients, track their progress, and provide guidance for evidence-based treatment.

Your partner in solving today’s challenges in behavioral health

We’re in the midst of a behavioral health crisis.

If you’re a provider, you might be struggling with high staff turnover, increased demand for services, and difficulty understanding if you’re delivering the right treatment at the right time for the right amount of time. Learn more about our solution for health systems or community-based organizations.

If you’re a health plan, it might be difficult to measure the efficacy of your behavioral health networks, help reduce time to care for plan members, and gain visibility into network expertise to route members to the most appropriate care. Learn more about our solution for commercial payers and MCOs.

Owl can help.

Get actionable data to make informed clinical and business decisions.

Engage patients to improve outcomes.
Improve clinical decision-making.
Expand access to services with more effective and efficient care.
Make measurement-based care a reality.
Patients complete evidence-based assessments on their own time and Owl sends the results to the provider for review, requiring no clinician effort. Patients get deeper insight and understanding of their symptomatology and progress, dramatically reducing time to remission. Current Owl customers experience 57% improvement in time to remission.
Which patients are improving, worsening, or not responding? Real-time outcomes data provides clinicians with actionable insights to improve treatment. Owl automates the process to reduce administrative burden and integrates with your EHR to streamline workflows.
Use organization-wide analytics to understand the effectiveness of clinicians, programs, and service lines to optimize care for each patient across your population. Current Owl customers are increasing capacity up to 14.6%.

Ideally, every behavioral health organization could easily and frequently assess patients to guide treatment and monitor outcomes. In reality, it’s often difficult to integrate into practice. Owl makes it easy.

Invaluable data. Real results.


Patient engagement rate


Reduction in time to remission


Reduction in no-show rate


Increase in capacity with existing resources

Ready to learn more?

We understand every behavioral health organization and plan is different. We’re here to help.

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