Jun 11, 2024

NeuroFlow Acquires Owl, Creating the Largest End-to-End Platform for Behavioral Health Measurement and Engagement Across the Care Continuum

Owl, a measurement-based care company for behavioral health providers, merges with NeuroFlow, forming the most expansive suite of solutions to identify and manage behavioral health needs across physical and behavioral care settings.

Philadelphia, PA (June 11, 2024) – NeuroFlow, the leading provider of behavioral health technology infrastructure, today announced that it has acquired Owl, a measurement-based care technology company. The deal creates a suite of solutions that extends the delivery of feedback-informed care across healthcare settings, positioning NeuroFlow as the unparalleled market leader in behavioral health measurement and engagement. 

Building upon NeuroFlow’s 2023 acquisition of Capital Solution Design, a measurement-based care solution for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the acquisition of Owl now extends NeuroFlow’s capabilities into behavioral health provider organizations. This allows NeuroFlow’s platform to integrate across primary and specialty care settings to provide a 360-degree view of a population’s behavioral health risk. The breadth of this enhanced platform will empower NeuroFlow and its partners to address systemic barriers to behavioral health access across providers, health plans, and the federal government.

“Behavioral health conditions are present everywhere, not just in behavioral health clinics, and in many cases those conditions go unidentified or untreated, leading to higher costs and worse clinical outcomes. That is why NeuroFlow has historically been focused on upstream needs with payers, primary care, and other multi-specialty providers,” explained NeuroFlow Chief Executive Officer Chris Molaro. “As the leading measurement-based care solution for behavioral health providers, Owl provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring patients who need a higher level of care, giving providers the tools to track and measure outcomes over time and ensure quality and consistency throughout the care journey. This is just the beginning; we intend to build on this comprehensive foundation to improve access and engagement.”

This merger creates the largest end-to-end behavioral health measurement solution in the market, allowing providers across the continuum to identify and stratify behavioral health needs and coordinate care appropriately. This commitment to disciplined quality monitoring and outcomes tracking bolsters an area of the healthcare system that has desperately needed innovation.

The combined platforms offer over 400 behavioral health assessments, many in multiple languages, but measurement is not confined to clinical assessments; robust analytics leverage data from a variety of sources, including patient-reported data and retrospective health data to form a more complete picture of patient acuity. NeuroFlow’s AI and NLP technology have been a critical part of this strategy, surfacing individuals experiencing suicidal ideation. In addition, Owl’s recent impact study with Colorado Access, the largest public sector health plan in Colorado, and Aurora Mental Health and Recovery, a leading community health center, demonstrates the powerful impact of consistent behavioral health measurement on quality of care and total cost of care. NeuroFlow is excited to replicate this success nationally.

“Owl is dedicated to improving clinical outcomes in partnership with behavioral health providers and demonstrating meaningful savings for the healthcare ecosystem,” says Eric Meier, Chief Executive Officer at Owl, who will serve as NeuroFlow’s President of Behavioral Health Markets. “We’re looking forward to expanding the impact of our technology with NeuroFlow’s team and resources. Together, our organizations will provide a truly comprehensive solution that simplifies identification of individuals in need of behavioral health care and guides them through their treatment journey. Ultimately, this merger means we can make the greatest impact on behavioral health outcomes across the healthcare spectrum.”

The merger significantly enhances the breadth of solutions and services NeuroFlow and Owl will provide their existing partners while retaining focus on customer collaboration and innovation. The combined entity will be responsible for over 17 million lives on the platform and support payers and providers in all 50 states. 

“Behavioral health acuity continues to rise, requiring more sophisticated solutions to solve the problem of access,” said Dr. Tom Hawes, a physician and Managing Director of the Blue Venture Fund, an investor in Owl. “We can’t simply add more providers to address this issue; we need effective solutions to identify behavioral health risk early and seamlessly connect individuals to the right care at the right time. This merger creates a company that can provide a true 360-degree view of individual and population behavioral health enabling value-based care at scale.”

About NeuroFlow

NeuroFlow helps risk-bearing healthcare organizations improve outcomes and cost of care in medically complex populations by surfacing and supporting behavioral health needs that typically go undetected and under-addressed. Across payors, providers, and the federal government, NeuroFlow’s scalable technology and analytics capabilities empower organizations with the behavioral health insights they’re missing to manage these populations in a financially sustainable way. Powered by deep expertise in whole-person care, NeuroFlow offers a path to risk predictability and proactive care that helps overcome the systemic challenges in today’s healthcare ecosystem.

About Owl

Owl is a comprehensive behavioral health solution that helps organizations deliver quality care and improve patient outcomes. Through our unique measurement-based care platform, we empower healthcare providers with accurate data and insightful analytics to enhance their treatment strategies. Our vision is to create a healthier world by increasing access to care, improving outcomes, and aligning payers and providers for better results. Join the movement and discover the power of measurement-based care with Owl – where better data and better insights leads to better outcomes for all. Visit us at owl.health.

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