Apr 18, 2022

Behavioral Health CEO Report: Priorities and insights on the state of behavioral health


To understand today’s behavioral health priorities and how measurement-based care can address them, Owl surveyed nearly 100 Community Mental Health Center executives in October 2021. This resulting report is an in-depth look at their priorities, perceptions and use of measurement-based care (MBC) in addressing today’s crisis, and how prepared they feel for value-based care.

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Behavioral health CEO survey results at-a-glance:

  1. Organizations are familiar with measurement-based care models

While 83% of behavioral health executives report their organizations have knowledge of MBC, only one-third (33%) called their organizations “very familiar” or “extremely familiar” with measurement-based care.

  1. Executives overwhelmingly report measurement-based care could help them with their current priorities and initiatives

Every respondent reported that MBC could help them with their current priorities and initiatives.

  1. A small percentage of respondents are consistently using measurement-based care

While 83% of respondents have a knowledge of MBC and every respondent reported it could help them with their current priorities and initiatives, only 16% are consistently using it. Slightly more than half (54%) sometimes use MBC, while 29% are not currently using it.

  1. Respondents feel underprepared for value-based reimbursement models, citing data and reporting as main concerns

Nearly a quarter of respondents (24%) feel a little or not at all prepared for value-based reimbursement models. Of those who reported concerns about value-based reimbursement models, 51% cited data and reporting as obstacles.

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